DeepMind AI: The unexpected evolution of Artificial Intelligence

“Memories, you're talking about memories!,” exclaims a dubious Rick Deckard in the 1982 movie Blade Runner. He is hit with a grand epiphany as Dr. Eldon Tyrell drones on about how implanting non-existent experiences in the minds of test subjects gave him much more control on them than previously deliberated. This is how an average… Continue reading DeepMind AI: The unexpected evolution of Artificial Intelligence

nasa trappist

TRAPPIST-1: Have we got neighbors?

Two possibilities exist, either we are alone in this planet or we are not. Both are equally terrifying. With the release of some radical revelations from NASA that there exist not one but seven exoplanets that share the features and size of the very planet we call home, Earth, Arthur C. Clarke’s petrifying take on… Continue reading TRAPPIST-1: Have we got neighbors?


Is Virtual Reality the next big thing?

Augmented reality grew leaps and bounds in the year 2016, as Rift, Vive and Playstation VR were all launched in the past year. Like a scene, straight out of sci-fi Hollywood movies, we saw people running around in tech shows with VR headsets attached to their faces to get a dose of some visual fantasy.Virtual… Continue reading Is Virtual Reality the next big thing?


Quantum Dots: Future of displays

Quantum dots. The name may not sound much of a big deal, but this is a technology which will rejuvenate the future of LCD screens in our smartphones, tablets, laptops and TV. Basically, quantum dots are exceedingly small semiconductor particles, which can convert light into other colors of the visible spectrum and their size ranges… Continue reading Quantum Dots: Future of displays