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5 Common mistakes to avoid in digital marketing

Digital marketing is no more the next big thing in marketing. It’s already here and making some noise. Pretty much everyone is taking their business online and battling it out there to see who reaches the customer first. Digital Marketing being their primary weapon of choice, the effort, time and stash of cash that pour… Continue reading 5 Common mistakes to avoid in digital marketing

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SEO: The Road Ahead

SEO (Search engine optimization) has become an indispensable aspect of digital marketing services; and SEO content writing, its mightiest soldier. Search engines play a crucial role in the lives of people everyday as they act as a gateway to the vast source of knowledge out there in the internet; and with people taking most of… Continue reading SEO: The Road Ahead

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Social Media Marketing: Impact and Future

In this day and age, it would be unimaginable to dream a world without social media,as during the greater part of the last decade social media has had a considerable influence on the lives of people on the internet. New age digital marketing has also found immense potential in social media to increase sales and… Continue reading Social Media Marketing: Impact and Future