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To be, or not to be a feminist

What if, on this women’s day, the women around you decide to take a break from what they have been doing? Would your world still be the same? Greece-the very origin of art, poetry, and philosophy, was also home to some of the most rational thinkers who had ever walked the face of the earth.… Continue reading To be, or not to be a feminist

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The demon from demonetisation

The eighth day of November of our foregone year will forever be a date etched in the minds of 1.2 billion people of our country,when the word demonetisation became a household name.That was the day when PM Narendra Modi through his live telecast declared that 500 and 1000 rupees would no longer hold any value.Demonetisation… Continue reading The demon from demonetisation

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Toxic Harvest

Do pesticides really kill? They absolutely do, and more than just pests. The World Health Organization estimates that 2,00,000 people die every year worldwide from pesticide poisoning, with three million such poisonings annually. Fruits and vegetables are the noble members of the food world, but under each crunchy and juicy carrot we bite, hide dangerous… Continue reading Toxic Harvest