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Crash diet or diet ‘n’ crash?

Every once in awhile, we all have that ‘fitness talk’ with our friends or family over a latte with some extra cream. And what follows pursuit is the feeling of extreme insecurity about one’s own body, after which you fly by the seat of your pants to chart out a crash diet plan and go ballistic on your treadmill.

While it’s proven again and again that a regular and balanced diet coupled with some gym or the track can help you lose weight; crash diet on the other hand, is a whole’nother ball game. Like any other matter, people have their own two cents about crash diets. So, is crash diet the ideal plan to lose those love handles before your friend’s wedding? Let’s have a peek at the pros and cons of crash diet before we get to the bottomline.

‘Wow’ factors of crash dieting

The pros of crash dieting looks somewhat like a wish list. But enough singing about it, let’s have a look.

  • Body detox: Crash diets aren’t just about eating less, but also eating healthy. Crash diets like the Atkins diet help you do a body detox and get rid of the extra carbs you accumulated from that night at the Taco Bell last week.
  • Sleep: Right after food and the internet, sleep comes up on our to-do list. Crash diets run the body like a bootcamp and the result? You sleep like a baby panda in the nights and once you’re up, you’ll be brimming with positivity.
  • No mood swings: That’s right, more blood circulation and metabolism equals positive vibes. Crash diet improves your mental alertness and boosts your self-esteem. Mood swings can go back to where they come from.
  • Fast results: No matter what pros we serve, this one beats all. The most attracting element of crash diets is indeed the quick results that it deliver when followed properly. Fitting into that dress is no more an embarrassing task!

Ouh’ factors of dieting

Crash diet seems like a deal too sweet to miss but, is it? Most crash diet plans advise a gap of at least a month before taking them again. Let’s peep into the cons and have a look.

  • Kidney stones: Hold your horses before you munch on that high protein diet! Did you know that high protein diets are very much prone to kidney stones? Athletes who cut their weight prior to a performance, take necessary steps to level the risk of kidney stones.
  • Dehydration: Not the same kind you have after a couple of beers. We’re talking about massive dehydration that can lead to your body even shutting down. Sodium holds the water in our body and in its absence in your diet, the body isn’t going to take it easy, mind you.
  • Hunger: If you took ‘stay hungry, stay stupid’ in its exact sense; well, then you’ve failed Steve Jobs and yourself in the process. Hunger is something you might want to do during a crash diet as you’re taking only the minimal requirement and hunger means your body is running on really low fuel for metabolism and brain activity.
  • Depression This comes free with a crash diet. A sudden change in your habits can lead to depression. Also, the body will try and revert back to its former condition after a crash diet and when you battle your body on a  daily basis, it is going to take a toll on you.

So far, the cons seem to have outgunned the pros. But if you have no issue taking up a challenge and enjoy the results (while it last), then crash diet could be just the thing for you.


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