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5 Common mistakes to avoid in digital marketing

Digital marketing is no more the next big thing in marketing. It’s already here and making some noise. Pretty much everyone is taking their business online and battling it out there to see who reaches the customer first. Digital Marketing being their primary weapon of choice, the effort, time and stash of cash that pour into it is of mammoth proportions. Any mistake from a digital marketer would be a suicide! So here are 5 rookie mistake you need to avoid in digital marketing.

Getting into digital marketing without a set target or goal

Don’t follow the herd! You might see every other business opting for digital marketing but, if you enter the race without a target in sight, your campaigns can fail to see any actual results. Targets and goals give direction to your marketing campaigns. Set a target or a goal you want to achieve with digital marketing and tailor your campaigns to achieve that.

Remember, digital marketing isn’t going to strategize itself!

Inadequate use of social media

Your customers check their social media more often than they check your website and that’s why you need to find yourself a space on their screens. Lack of a social media page could also be interpreted as your lack of interest in building a relationship with your customers.

Using shareable content to learn the likes and dislikes of your customers and improving from feedbacks gives this platform vast scope beyond digital marketing too. People who fail to see the possibilities of social media, often pay a big penalty.

Then again, once you get your hands on social media you might push other factors away, like the one below.

Downplaying email marketing

Guess who still check their emails, everybody! Social media and mobile marketing can make the buzz like no other, but majority of customers still prefer to get promotional offers in their inbox and save themselves the effort of searching for them.

Email marketing also makes the customer feel valued and special, which could help you build a relationship and keep you in check with your customers.Starting your digital marketing campaigns with just email marketing can also be helpful as it reveals your target audience, which brings us to the next one.

Not targeting the right audience

To be brutally honest, all your work would be in vain if you don’t know the kind of audience you are targeting with your digital marketing plans. Have an effective filtering system in place before you start your campaigns. Choosing influencers in Influential marketing can be a prime example of selecting the right kind of audience.

Get some idea about customer behavior and market trends to come up with a plan and spend your money on the right place!

Not analyzing the results

There are no runner ups here. You set the target and your race is against you. Analyze at each stage of your digital marketing campaign whether you’re inching closer or away from your target. Although the results take a bit of time to appear, a campaign that generates no ROI whatsoever, is a failure. Take lessons from failed campaigns to come up with better strategies in the future.

So, now you know what all you need to watch out for before opting for digital marketing. While avoiding these common mistakes can be of help to your digital marketing campaigns, learning from them will definitely help you generate more!


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